about us

Welcome to visit Zhejiang Longyou Xinxidi Electronics CO., LTD !
Hope know you ; hope you know us, too.

After 12years high speed development, we got one plot in antenna filed in outside and Chinese market. All the achievement based on our hardworking, reforming and opening policy from our government, participation and supporting from customers, competitors, local government, managing department and other social groups. Here, on behalf of Zhejiang Longyou Xinxidi Electronics, show me thanks and respect to everyone who care and support this company from outside and inside.

"Never enjoy one time and one place" is our grand conception and hope. Recalling the past time, Looking for the future, we are confident. We’d like to return our society warm service and high quality more and more.

Thanks again for all the customers and same line enterprises’care, supporting and cooperation with us.